Check this out…

It so happens I’ve found a blog that I enjoy very much, and I’d like to share it with you. Disaffected Musings touches on many subjects – sports, cars, music and more. It’s written by rulesoflogic, who I am happy to say is a regular reader and commenter here.

Please check it out, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

6 thoughts on “Check this out…

    1. markcars2014 Post author

      I’ve been very lax I know. I’ve mostly been trying to do some major spring cleaning, as well as client prospecting for my freelance work. I actually have 2 posts almost ready to go, and I’m hoping to post them up very soon! Thanks for checking in.


  1. rulesoflogic

    Thank you for supporting my blog.

    Do you have any of the series of books by the Auto Editors of Consumer Guide®? They are very useful for reference, for pleasure reading and for looking at the pictures.

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    1. markcars2014 Post author

      It’s a great blog. I’ve fallen behind about a month but I’m catching up!

      I have 6 such books…
      ‘American Cars of the 60s’ which I reviewed a while back
      ‘The Complete Book of Mustang’ which was complete up to its 1989 pub date
      ‘Over 100 Years The American Auto’
      ‘Ford Chronicle’
      ‘Muscle Car Chronicle’
      And one I know you’d appreciate ‘Corvette 60th Anniversary’

      Agreed they are great books both for pleasure reading and reference.

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      1. rulesoflogic

        Thanks for your kind words about my blog. I am very proud of it, but know without using the criminal organization I call Fack Fucebook I will never receive thousands of views a day.


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