1932 Buick Series 57S Special Sedan

Today’s photo feature is less about the photos and more the car. Particularly, a 1932 Buick Series 57S Special Sedan.

This car is owned by a good friend of mine, and I’ve seen it many times at various cruise nights and show n’ shines, including many that I’ve had a hand in organizing. The car was subject to a painstaking 16 year restoration, which the owner himself performed much of. Many items, such as the wooden frame parts, had to be created from various pictures in books, as the originals were fairly rotted, and restoration parts do not exist. Personally, I admire the craftsmanship my friend put into this car, and in fact he also created the wooden replica tommy gun that sits in the back seat.

The car itself is powered by Buick’s well known Fireball straight 8 engine, 230.4 cubic inches, and runs through a 3 speed manual transmission with automatic clutch operation.

In addition to the many local cruise nights and show n shines, this Buick was featured at the 2014 Cruise Nationals exhibit during the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto.

The images below were shot by me, over a period of a couple of years, using either my Nikon D3200 or Fuji FinePix S1500.

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