1975-77 Chevrolet Corvette

Mark Ascione motorgraphics

Even the nicest of cars wind up in the junk yard sometimes.

The Chevrolet Corvette is one of the best known cars ever, and in the 1970s it still represented the best of what was left of the sporty American car. From 1978 movie Corvette Summer to set-in-the-70s Boogie Nights, the Vette was the car young men aspired to own (with apologies to Burt Reynolds’ Trans Am).

In 2014, a u-pick junk yard I used had a couple of old cars in the lot. After obtaining permission, I brought my camera in and started looking for my subjects. Among them was this decaying Corvette. It was marked as a 1974, though that was likely incorrect as it lacked the split rear bumper unique to that year. I place the car as a 1975-77, which have the tunnel back rear window. The years of rain runoff from the luggage rack, as well as a good amount of sun exposure, created what I thought were some visually interesting affects on the painted fibreglass.

The original photo is at bottom, shot handheld with my Nikon D3200 and 18-55mm lens. It was shot at midday, ƒ/8, 1/125 second shutter speed and ISO 100. The post-production manipulation was done in Photoshop. The final file is a multi-layered tif, and the black-and-white effect was created using Photoshop’s Black and White adjustment layer which was then masked to allow the tail lights to shine through.

This image is available as a 20″x16″ poster. Contact shootyourcarmister@gmail.com.

rear detail of a Corvette in a junk yard

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