The Big Job

In 2014, some friends and I made the trip to the New York State Fairgrounds for the annual Syracuse Nationals car show. What an amazing event! This car show takes in over 8000 cars (double the size of the Fleetwood Country Cruize, and was impressed with that!), and takes the whole weekend if you want to see as many of them as possible. As you may expect with a show of this size, the weekend turns Syracuse into a huge custom and classic car show, as hotel and restaurant parking lots fill up with the show’s attendees. It’s really like a huge cruise night.

We stayed out in East Syracuse, and our parking lot was filled with hot rods, musclecars and cruisers. One vehicle that came through our lot was this 1956 Ford F700 Big Job truck with a pickup box on it. The Big Job trucks were the heavy-duty commercial line based off the regular Ford F-Series truck line. As you see, this truck had seen it’s share of hard work, and would certainly have fit the ‘unrestored’ category. I personally am a fan of the old-fashioned chromed logos, and I decided I wanted to capture this big bold badge on the hood of this Ford.

I shot this in the evening, under the roof that covered the hotel entrance. I used my Nikon D3200 and my 18-55mm Nikon lens. I left the camera on auto, and the camera chose ƒ/4, 1/40 sec exposure and ISO 100. As usual, I used Photoshop and Topaz Adjust to crop and edit, to bring out and emphasize the details such as the rust and the pitting on the chrome. The above image is available as a 20″x16″ poster by contacting The original shot is below.

8 thoughts on “The Big Job

  1. rulesoflogic

    My best friend, whom I’ve probably known longer than you’ve been alive, lived in the Syracuse area for many areas. I am embarrassed to admit I never visited him there. Of course, he’s not a car guy. No one’s perfect, not even Dr. Zal.

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    1. markcars2014 Post author

      I’m about an hour and a half away from Halton Hills. I knew right away that car would be listed by Legendary Motorcar Company. I’ve never been there, but my cousin and an old friend have visited there. I used to watch a show called Dream Car Garage, that was run out of LMC, hosted by Peter Klutt. I think there’s a new show with him on Velocity.

      I think it a little odd but I’m not really far from 3 companies that have become known in the classic car business
      RM Classic Cars/RM Sotheby’s are a little over 3hrs away in the Chatham area.
      Legendary Motorcar in Halton is about 1.5 hrs away.
      The Guild of Automotive Restorers is 10 minutes from my house.
      And I’ve never really made time to go visit any of them.


  2. rulesoflogic

    Dream Car Garage was aired in the US as Legendary Motorcar when Motor Trend was still called Velocity. Peter Klutt seems like a nice guy and I appreciate how hard he’s worked to achieve success, but the show had kind of a “fairy tale” quality to it, showing only the best of the best.

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    1. markcars2014 Post author

      I can’t profess to know much about the show production, but if I were to guess, I’d say they wanted fun show but more serious? As in, showcase the cars, a few corny jokes, but stay away from the scripted conflicts that American Hot Rod and American Chopper had.
      This has me thinking though that maybe come spring, i should organize a visit to LMC or RM or both. If things are a little more ‘normal’ by then.

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