1973 Cuda

Another trip back to 2014 and the same hotel parking lot in Syracuse. This time, it was early morning, with lots of Nationals attendees yet to leave for the Fairgrounds. Among the cars I found was this 1973 Plymouth Cuda in what appears to be a colour called B3 Basin Street Blue. While not quite the hot musclecar it had been just a couple years earlier, the Cuda for 1973 was still a good looking pony car, and it find it a treat when I find one. This example was in fairly decent driver condition, as the chips in the paint will attest.

I shot this picture with my Fuji FinePix S1500, which has a fixed lens. The settings used were ƒ/5.0, shot at 1/320 sec., ISO 64. The original shot is below, and as you see it was fairly even in tone, which I expected given that it was an early morning and slightly overcast. I used Photoshop for cropping and Topaz Adjust to try to make the image more dramatic by adjusting the levels as well as bumping up the graininess in the image. As always, the above image is available as a 20″x16″ poster from shootyourcarmister@gmail.com.

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