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3 Hot Rods

Perhaps the largest custom and classic car show in Canada was Steve Plunkett’s Fleetwood Country Cruize In. What began as a small, 60-car event grew to a 2-day affair held on Mr. Plunkett’s estate outside London, ON that drew upwards of 4,000 vehicles and 15,000 spectators. Guests over the years included customizers George Barris and Gene Winfield, musical guests The Beach Boys and Frankie Valli, and the casts of movies and TV shows such as American Graffiti and The Dukes of Hazzard. In the 15 years the show ran, almost $1.75 million was raised to support local charities. The last event was held in 2019, as Mr. Plunkett (who took on much of the work related to the show himself) would things down to enjoy his own extensive car collection.

I found these 3 hot rods sitting just the other side of the main entrance, around the corner of the house. Though on this day they sat on the grounds of a mansion, the way they were parked mimicked the way you’d find them at any burger joint in the early 60s. The T-bucket, Ford coupe and 55 Chevy are 3 of the iconic hot rods of the era, instantly carrying one back to the height of the cruising era.

I shot this at the 2015 Fleetwood Country Cruize In with my Nikon D3200, using my 18-55 lens set at ƒ/6.3, 1/160 sec and ISO100. As always, the post-production was done in Photoshop and Topaz Adjust. This image is available as a 20″x16″ poster by contacting shootyourcarmister@gmail.com. The original shot can be seen below.